Welcome to The Bush Old Schoolhouse

This former school and teachers’ residence was built in 1844 around the same time as the adjacent church, St. Andrews.

Built on a site donated by the Upton family who were prominent in the area at the time. Constructed in the same Gothic style as St. Andrew’s with steeply pitched roof, cast iron diamond lattice windows and arched fenestration and doorways.

The school provided primary education for boys and girls predominantly, but not exclusively, from the local Church of
Ireland community.

It was a one-teacher one-classroom school with the teacher living in the adjoining two up two down residence. Over the years numbers attending fluctuated, and eventually in 1968, the school closed.

It remained closed until 2006, when the local parishioners decided they would like to see the building used by the community and its
heritage preserved. The schoolhouse was officially re-opened in August 2013.

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